the torturi▓ng doubts which engrossed her for the tranquil● calm which must, she thought, attend devo▓tion to on


d the time of our English trav▓ellers, that the one subject engrossin▓g the whole attention of the Florentines was for▓ some litt

  • le time unheeded.The t●own was full of the unrivalled success

  • of a yo●ung sculptor, who had burst into fame, no o▓ne knew how or where.He had bee

  • ▓n studying the last two years, amidst ●the superb specimens of ar

  • t, in the gallerie●s of Florence, but so silently, so unass

  • umin▓gly, that he was only known as famous.His copi●es of Canova and

  • other celebrated sculptors h▓ad been pronounced perfect by ab▓le judges; bu

  • t it was not till● he had completed an original group▓ tha

  • t he at all seemed to sue for▓ notice, and when that did appe


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    ar, t▓he easily-excited Italians received it with ●such universal admiration, that the unknown a

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    ●rtist was sought for on all sides, courted,▓ flattered, and, better far, appre?/p>

  • was sent on.

    坈iated by those whose opinions ▓were of value.Italy is indeed the country where● tale

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